1. Only original research work is accepted in this conference. Submitted work must summarise quantitative/qualitative study findings from completed research. Topics should be relevant to the following fields and topics:

  • Pharmaceutical Technology

  • Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry

  • Clinical and Community Pharmacy

  • Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences

  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis

  • Natural Product Drug Discovery

  • Sustainability in Health Care

  1. Upon submission, your abstract will be reviewed by appointed reviewers. Participants will receive proof of submission with a corresponding ID number accordingly.

  2. Participants are required to revise the abstract based on the reviewers’ comments and resubmit (if requested).

  3. The number of accepted oral presentations is limited (40 slots), and will be given based on a first come-first-serve basis as well as referee recommendations.

  4. Upon acceptance, participants will be notified by email from the Scientific Committee of IPCPHS. Participants are required to acknowledge the proofread and make the necessary final changes, if any.

  5. e-Posters' participants have no videos presentation option.

  6. The committee will select winners for the best e-poster and best oral presenter from each category.

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  • Download Abstract template from HERE. Kindly stay committed to the pre-set format in the template and remember to follow the layout accordingly.

  • Kindly, consider the following guidelines throughout your abstract submission:

  1. File format: Abstracts files can be submitted in the following formats: DOC or DOCX. Microsoft Word documents should not be locked or protected.

  2. Length: The abstract must not consist of more than 250 words.

  3. Font:
    Main title: Bold
    the title (i.e., each word starts with a capital letter, Arial size 12 font, centered).
    Authors and affiliations: Bold the name of the presenting author (Arial size 10 font, centered). When more than one author is listed, list all the authors’ names in full. Affiliations numbered in superscript. Capitalize words only as required. Type affiliations in italics (Arial size 10 font, centered).
    Abstract text: Use a standard font size (Arial size 12 font), and do not include citations in abstracts.

  4. Sub-headings: The abstract text should have the following sub-headings:

Materials & Methods

  1. Layout and spacing: Abstract text should be double-spaced.

  2. Language: Abstracts must be submitted in English (American or British).

  3. Abbreviations: Usually, abbreviations are to be avoided in an abstract. If an abbreviation is to be included, define it upon its first appearance in the text.

  4. Species names: Write in italics (e.g., Homo sapiens). Write out in full the genus and species, both in the title of your abstract and at the first mention of an organism in a paper. After first mention, the first letter of the genus name followed by the full species name may be used (e.g., H. sapiens).

  5. Keywords: Include 5-8 keywords related to your research topic and methods.

  • Submit your abstract via the dedicated submission form.

  • Indicate the corresponding author in the file name; name_ipcphs2022.docx (Example: Nur_Atiqah_Ahmad_ ipcphs2022.docx).

  • Abstract submission deadline is 15 August 2022.

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  1. For those who are stating in their registration form that they are participating through an e-Poster submission, kindly download the ppt template from HERE.

  2. The e-Poster should be of a clear resolution and precisely presents the scientific content.

  3. Kindly, stay committed to the pre-set dimensions in the template.

  4. You may use your institute, funder, research group logo in the e-Poster accordingly but along with the pre-inserted logos in the template.

  5. Maximum file size for an e-Poster is 5 Mb.

  6. Submit the e-poster in PDF format via the dedicated submission form..

  7. Indicate the corresponding author in the file name; name_ipcphs2022.pdf (Example: Nur_Atiqah_Ahmad_ ipcphs2022.pdf).

  8. e-Poster submission deadline is 15th August 2022.

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  1. For those who are stating in their registration form that they are giving an oral presentation, kindly download the ppt template from HERE, and make sure that it fits within the time of the presentation (3-6 minutes).

  2. You may use your institute, funder, or research group logo in the presentation accordingly, but along with the pre-inserted logos in the template.

  3. Chosen oral presenters must prepare a video of their presentation (3-6 minutes) according to the corresponding guidelines mentioned below (see GUIDELINES for VIDEOS SUBMISSIONS).

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  1. Participants who are accepted for oral presentations must prepare a short-recorded video of their presentation using the official PowerPoint template.

  2. The duration of the presentation/video should be from 3 to 6 minutes, strictly. Any video longer than 6 minutes will be neglected automatically.

  3. The content of the video will be:

  • Narrated in English.

  • With a first slide containing the title, authors, and their affiliations.

  • The video should cover the background (introduction, problem statement, aim of study), methods, results, conclusion, references, and acknowledgment.

  • It is recommended to use characters, images, illustrations, or animations to help convey the research clearly to the audience.

  • On the conference day, participants MUST be available minimum 15 minutes before and during their oral presentation schedule (please refer to the conference schedule) for the Q&A session.

  1. Submit the video in MP4 format via WeTransfer (

  2. Indicate the corresponding author in the file name; name_ ipcphs2022.mp4 (Example: Nur_Atiqah_Ahmad_ ipcphs2022.mp4).

  3. Video submission deadline is 31 August 2022.